Do I Need to Replace my HVAC?

Summer is coming and one question is on every homeowner’s mind – is my AC system still good? Is it time to replace my system? Or can I get away with just repairing it? Ken’s Heating & Air in Marble Falls is here to answer your questions!



One of the first factors you must think about is the age of your unit. Ask yourself, is your system over ten years old? If your system is around 10-15 years or older, it may be time to consider replacing your system. Although it may be running adequately, HVAC systems typically last between 10-20 years and your parts may be deteriorating just due to normal wear and tear.



The second factor you want to consider while determining whether or not to repair or replace are your electricity bills. Have they been skyrocketing and beginning to hurt your monthly budget? New systems will operate more economically due to the advancements in technology over the years. You may end up saving a lot more money on your electricity bills when you replace your old, inefficient system with a new one.



Have you noticed that there are spots in your home that are especially cold or especially hot? Does your AC leave your air damp and hard to breathe in? Comfort plays a huge role in whether you should replace your system or not. A new system will work properly to fix your comfort issues.


Whether you need to replace your system, repair your system, or if you’re still not sure, call Ken’s Heating & Air at 830-693-5152 today! We take pride in serving Marble Falls, Kingsland, Granite Shoals, Burnet, Horseshoe Bay, Cottonwood Shores and surrounding areas for 40 Years!

HVAC Noises - Decoded

HVAC Noises – Decoded!

If your air conditioner is quiet or creating a pleasant white noise, that could be one indication that your system is running smoothly and quietly. However, if your system is making disrupting or weird noises, your system most likely isn’t running as smoothly as it should be. Determine whether your HVAC noises are minor or major with our decoded guide below!

  • Whining – a “whining” noise from your HVAC system typically indicates that there may be an air leak somewhere. Many times, a whining noise will be accompanied by a moaning noise, which can mean worn motor bearings.
  • Bubbling or hissing – a “bubbling” or “hissing” sound is another indication of leaking due to the refrigerant, which is necessary in the cooling of your home. For any “leaky” cases, please contact your local HVAC tech to perform an inspection.
  • Rattling – a “rattling” noise may indicate loose ductwork. When ducts have loose connections, it allows your air to leak into vacant spaces and draw in dust-filled, untreated air.
  • Buzzing – a “buzzing” noise may be an issue with the electrical system. Arcing is occurring causing either a steady buzz sound or crackling noise. Be sure to contact your local tech to avoid this turning into a dangerous situation.
  • Grinding or squealing – a “grinding” or “squealing” noise could be another indication of a serious issue due to loose parts or mounts. Refusing or prolonging to get this issue inspected can turn it into a larger and more damaging problem for you. Please refer to a professional to help resolve this issue as well as begin investing in preventative maintenance AC tune ups in the future.

Ken’s Heating & Air services the Marble Falls and surrounding areas with fully licensed and certified technicians.  Regular maintenance will keep your system running smoothly, but we also offer repair services for when those mysterious noises appear.  Visit us on our website or Facebook for more information or call 830-693-5152 today!

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Marble Falls Winter Saving Hacks Texas HVAC Heating and Air Conditioning

Marble Falls Winter Saving Hacks

Being used to the Texas heat, we could all use a few tips and tricks to save this winter while keeping warm. Ken’s Heating and Air is prepared to provide you with the top winter saving hacks! With just a few simple steps, you can be on your way to ultimate savings on your heating and cooling.

  1. Prepare your home – start by inspecting your home for any leaky areas and seal them immediately and accordingly. The most common methods are caulking and weather stripping doors, keeping the cold air out and the warm air in.
  2. Install & use your thermostat – a programmable thermostat, when used properly, can ultimately save you hundreds a year on heating and cooling. Just by setting your thermostat 5-10 degrees lower for eight hours while you’re asleep at night can save you 5%-10% a year. To compromise for the lower temperature at night, make sure to stack on blankets and clothes for a comfortable night’s sleep.
  3. Check your filter – whether spring, summer, fall, or winter, you should be consistently checking and replacing your filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Dirty filters restrict the flow of air therefore increasing the use of energy.
  4. Clear your registers – often overlooked, this winter you can check all your registers to make sure nothing is blocking them. Make sure there isn’t any furniture, rugs, or carpet covering the registers.
  5. Consider switching equipment – if your system is in due of an upgrade, switching to a more energy efficient model such as ENERGY STAR appliances will help lower your bills and can even provide you with tax credits.

Saving this winter is easy as 1-2-3! You can always utilize these steps for extra savings, but make sure to contact Ken’s Heating and Air for pre-season maintenance and tune-ups for your system. This is essential in preserving the life of your system and making sure its running at its peak efficiency. Call us today at 830-693-5152!

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