What is that burning smell when I turn on my heater?

What is that burning smell when I turn on my heater?

burning-smell-hvacIt’s the First Time You’ve Used it in the Winter

If it is the first time you’ve turned your heater back on since last winter which is common in Texas, a burning odor is the common result. Dust tends to settle in the system as it hasn’t been in use for months. Turning on the heating system will stir up the settled dust causing the smell. However, don’t be alarm the dust will burn off quickly and the smell will dissipate.

The Filter is Clogged

If you haven’t changed your filter in a while, more than likely the filter is clogged. With the amount of dust on the filter, turning on the heater will filter the dust into the system causing the same burning smell as mentioned above. Cleaning or replacing your filter will clean up this problem in no time.

Have a Proper Clearance

While the heater is on, foreign materials such as fabrics, plastics, and any flammable materials should not be placed near or besides the unit or vents. The burning smell can originate from the material becoming hot and possibly burning. Always double check clearance for safety purposes.

Other Cause

The common burning smell causes can be found above but if you smell something else once the heater is on, for example, gas. Don’t ignore the signs and contact a professional at Ken’s for proper inspection and safety.

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