As homeowners, we do what we can to save as much money as possible which includes making our air conditioner’s job as easy as possible. If there are simple measures we can take to make our home more energy efficient then we would love to know. One common idea is that closing bedroom doors will save you energy and money – but does it really? Ken’s AC explores this topic with you today.

Most homeowners believe that closing vents and closing doors when not being used will save you money. The logic is simple – if you’re not using a space, it’s safe to turn it off or close it to save you money right? Specifically for heating and cooling systems, this logic would actually not be true.

Your heating and cooling systems are designed to keep your home at a constant temperature regardless of the season and must have appropriate airflow to achieve the desired results. So in actuality, closed doors and vents restrict airflow, creating pressure differences between rooms and causing your system to pull the ‘missing’ air from any source it can, which can cause unconditioned air to be brought in from attics, windows, or any other cracks leading outside. This introduces warmer air to your indoor environment and can make your air conditioner work harder just to reach that comfortable temperature, which can lead to considerable increases in utility bills.

If you’re interested in improving your energy efficiency or have ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ spots in certain rooms or areas, there are multiple solutions you can consider. Contact your local air conditioning professionals at Ken’s so we can evaluate the options best suited for your home and your budget. Pick up your phone and call us today 830-693-5152!