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5 Tips to Help Eliminate Cold or Hot Spots In Your Home

5 Tips to Help Eliminate Cold or Hot Spots In Your Home

Cold spots in your home during the winter months and warm spots in your home during the summer time can make you uncomfortable and probably means your home is not the most energy efficient. This condition can occur in new homes and older homes and can occur for various reasons. Here are some helpful tips to eliminate cold or warm spots in your home.

  1. Make sure your vents aren’t blocked. Blocked or dirty vents and registers can contribute to uneven cooling if they’re blocked by furniture or anything else. This can also happen if dust and debris builds up on them. A vacuum hose can be a handy tool to help loosen and remove the dust and debris buildup that may occur over time.
  2. Look for drafts in the house and check for broken seals on doors and windows. Using caulking or weather stripping to doors and windows will prevent drafts and air leaks and help to maintain an even temperature in your home.
  3. Are your air ducts performing properly? Leaks, cracks and holes in air ducts could be the source of cold spots in your home. Are you ducts connected properly? Air ducts that are damaged, leaking or not working properly makes it impossible for the temperature to be even throughout your home.
  4. Check your insulation. Adding new or additional insulation to your ceilings, attic and walls will ensure that you keep outside air out and inside air in.
  5. Maintain your furnace to be sure it is working properly. Seasonal maintenance from a professional is recommended to maintain your warranty and keep your furnace in tip-top shape.

If you have cold spots or hot spots in your home, it’s best to call the experts to help find a resolution to the problem and make your home more energy efficient and more comfortable for you. You can trust Ken’s Heating and Air with all of your heating and cooling needs. Call us today at 830-693-5152.