Importance of Proper Installation

Importance of Proper Installation

proper_installationProper installation of your new HVAC system will help to ensure long and trouble-free operation along with the home comfort you would expect.  Here are five common areas of concern stemming from improper HVAC installation.

Sizing:  A professional needs to assess your home to help determine what size system will work best for your needs.  When it comes to HVAC systems, bigger is not necessarily better.  Oversized equipment increases energy use, has more frequent maintenance problems, can cause elevated indoor humidity levels, and will not evenly heat and cool your home.

Refrigerant charge: Air conditioning units are designed to operate correctly with a predetermined charge of refrigerant gas.  Under perfect operating conditions, air conditioners would never require recharging, but leaks do sometimes develop which deplete refrigerant charges.  HVAC systems suffering from improper refrigerant charge can cause problems that range from reduced operating efficiency to system freeze-up and even possible compressor damage, which can be  very expensive to fix.

Ductwork: Leaks in the return ducts often bring in unfiltered and unconditioned air from attics, basements, and crawl spaces.  Homes typically lose around 35% of the system’s cooling capacity from duct leakage and thermal losses due to poorly insulated ducts. Proper sealing and insulation will cut those losses in half.

Airflow:  Poor airflow results in an increase in operating costs and shorter equipment life.  Inadequate airflow results in an inability to properly control your comfort, as well as poor indoor air quality.

Duct sizing: Properly sized supply ducts are only half the battle. Many airflow problems are caused by improperly sized return air grilles which can severely restrict intake air into the system, reducing capacity and shortening the operation life of the system. If you’re considering replacing your system, make sure your contractor addresses this important component.

Professional HVAC installation can help ensure your comfort in your home and keep equipment running longer and more efficiently, extending the lifespan of your air conditioning and heating system.  If you need an honest air conditioning contractor who doesn’t cut corners and takes pride in their work, call Ken’s Heating & Air.  Even better, we offer FREE ESTIMATES on new system installations. Don’t delay – call 830-693-5152 today!

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Tips For Saving Money On Cooling

Tips For Saving Money On Cooling

ac-tipsYou don’t have to invest in a new air conditioner to save money on cooling costs. With some basic AC maintenance and other minor changes, you can take steps to lower this expense. When you’re ready to enjoy regular savings, try making these simple changes to help your air conditioner work more efficiently.

Keep the Heat Out

Your air conditioner doesn’t add cold air, but it does remove heat from your home. The best way to make it more energy efficient is to reduce the heat entering your home. Keep doors closed as much as possible. Teach the children to shut the door behind them every time, even if they will only be outside for a moment. Avoid using the oven, and make sure the dryer is properly vented to prevent it from heating the home. Close curtains when the sun is directly outside to keep the room cool and comfortable.

Regular Maintenance

Change air filters on a monthly basis to ensure optimal airflow. You should also consider investing in an annual A/C tune-up. With the connections tightened, moving parts lubricated, refrigerant level checked, and everything cleaned, your system will work more efficiently. Available through Ken’s Heating and Air, an annual tune-up is a small investment that will lower your utilities and prolong the life of your unit.


If you notice your system making any strange noises, call for air conditioning repair immediately. A soft hissing coming from the outdoor compressor could indicate a leak and the rapid loss of refrigerant. Rattling from inside the home could be loose connections in the ducts, and the possibility that treated air is escaping in unused spaces like attics. Our professional staff will find the problem, make the necessary repairs, and leave you with a system that is more efficient.

Offering Energy Star-certified products and more than thirty five years of experience, you can rely on Ken’s for all of your heating and air conditioning repairs and HVAC replacements. We are licensed and certified by the State of Texas, so you can trust that we are reliable and knowledgeable. Committed to your complete satisfaction, trust Ken’s to help you save money on your cooling expenses. Visit us online or in person to learn more about how we can assist you with your cooling needs.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

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